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Sturgess Architecture designs AVLI to stand out over the next 100 years of Inglewoods history

Calgary, AB Construction has been underway for over a month now on AVLI on Atlantic. Over the next year residences and visitors to the historic inner-city neighbourhood of Inglewood will see AVLI take shape.

AVLI has been designed by Jeremy Sturgess of Sturgess Architecture, an award winning design firm with more than 35 years of architecture and design experience. The firm designed Jasper National Parks iconic Glacier Skywalk, and has brought its innovative design ideas to AVLI. The firm has won numerous awards over the years with the most recent being the 2016 Governor General’s Medal in Architecture for the Glacier Skywalk.

AVLI will be comfortable in its setting, proud of its attributes and home to those who have an appreciation for remarkable art. Sturgess’s vision was to create something different in Inglewood, which he believes all communities need, and the AVLI site is an ideal space for this.

“As urban designers and architects we have always believed that when you develop in a neighbourhood like Inglewood you need to treat the historic fabric with kid gloves,” says Sturgess. “Where there’s not historic fabric such as on the AVLI site, you should to be very ambitious because it is only these sites that you can afford to develop seriously without harming the historic context.”

To be respectful to its neighbour, the Hose & Hound which is set back from the street, AVLI has been designed with a tight retail edge and the remainder of the building set back. This design allows for the creation of a public space on 9th Avenue that doesn’t currently exist.

Ninth Avenue also bends at the intersection of 11th Street so keeping this in mind the structure above the retail has been set on an angle so it can be viewed by those driving downtown from the east. Recognizing that 10th Street comes to an intersection in the middle of the AVLI block the entry to the building has been placed there so that passersby can enjoy a visual treat as they peer through the glass elevator and glass walls. For residents enjoyment AVLI will also include large garden terraces, an outdoor amenity space with BBQ’s and lounge areas.

At the back of the building AVLI has negotiated with the city to use the lane for four live work units making the  space more than just a back alley like most buildings but something more active and interesting. The retail space is two storeys tall in keeping with the best of Inglewood’s historical retail spaces.

Everything being done at the street level of the building is to contribute to the street and foster community. There will be a plaza on the corner of the building closest to the Hose & Hound, this will be a space where community events can happen. AVLI will be working with the owner of the Hose & Hound to turn the space from the plaza to the parking lot of the Hose & Hound closest to the AVLI site into a market on Saturdays.

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AVLI will be comfortable in its setting, proud of its attributes and home to those who have an appreciation for remarkable art.
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“We wanted to create a building that will look of its time and become a heritage building itself a 100 years from now with no confusion of what was built when,” says Sturgess. “What is important is to be sensitive to the historic nature of the community and understand what the community is lacking, such as public space, and with AVLI we plan to deliver that.”

Sturgess Architecture is not new to Inglewood. After starting his own firm at the age of 27, one of the first buildings Sturgess worked on was the Inglewood Fire Hall Restaurant, currently the Hose & Hound pub, across from the AVLI site back in 1979.

Located on 9th Avenue (Atlantic Avenue) only 23 new condos are still available for the 64 unit building, which is to be Inglewood’s only luxury concrete condo building. In 2014, Inglewood was named Canada’s greatest neighbourhood by the Canadian Institute of Planners.

AVLI is currently over 70 per cent sold out. Homes range in price from $350,000 to $1.5 Million. The majority of AVLI‘s floor plans are unique for each home and range in size from 545 sq.ft. to 2,200 sq.ft. The building will also include five retail units valuing $5 million on the ground floor ranging in size from 1,044 sq.ft. to 5,230 sq.ft.

AVLI started out as Chis and Penny Stathonikos vision to get rid of their Autobody shop, Arrow Autobody, and build a condo building on the site. They first made an attempt in the 80’s but ultimately called it off due to the design at the time being too expensive to build. Now in 2017 the Stathonikos dream has become a reality with AVLI expected to be complete and occupancy scheduled for Fall 2018.

“I had a vision for a condo building with retail on the bottom, so when the time was right I talked to Jeremy Sturgess and we came up with a design that was nice and new and would enhance the area,” says Chris Stathonikos. “Inglewood was established in Calgary more than 100 years ago and my hope is that AVLI will stand in the neighbourhood for another 100 years.”

Stathonikos has been an advocate for business development in Inglewood for a long time and has played a significant part in its development. Now he is contributing further with the implementation of AVLI which will showcase the bright future ahead for the community.

AVLI is likely to become an iconic building that will enhance an already beloved neighbourhood and pave the way for revitalization in the community. Anyone wishing to know more about AVLI on Atlantic can register at http://www.avlicondos.ca/register/.


To see video showcasing AVLI’s design visit – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqIA6VoPkus
For more information on AVLI visit – http://www.avlicondos.ca/

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AVLI on Atlantic is a seven-story, 64 unit luxury concrete condo building located on 9th Avenue (Atlantic Avenue) in Inglewood. Inglewood is one of Calgary’s inner city neighbourhoods and was named Canada’s greatest neighbourhood in 2014 by the Canadian Institute of Planners. The stylish new building includes $5 million in retail space on the ground floor.