Dia de los Muertos, a spectacular celebration for the living and dead

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Vivo Resorts puts visitors in the heart of Oaxaca and some of Mexico’s largest Day of the Dead festivities

PUERTO ESCONDIDO, OAXACA, MEXICO From October 31 to November 2, the state of Oaxaca, home to the small surfing town of Puerto Escondido, holds some of the most spectacular Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) celebrations in all of Mexico. A far cry from Halloween celebrated more commonly around the world, Dia de los Muertos is a true celebration of the dearly departed.

One of Mexico’s largest and most celebrated holidays, Day of the Dead draws in crowds from around the world. Oaxaca takes centre stage in all of Mexico for the best place to celebrate this important holiday, according to Lonely Planet.

On October 30 and 31, Oaxacan people build altars decorated with candles and marigolds in their homes and cemeteries, then on the morning of the 31st, they place offerings of food in front of the altar. Traditional Oaxacan dishes such as mole and assortments of fruit found in the region are placed in front of the altar so deceased relatives may savour the aroma. On the last day of October, the procession of the souls begins with the souls of the children visiting the altars and feasting on the food laid out for them. November 2 is reserved for the souls of the adults. Commonly known as All Saints Day, it is often the most celebrated day of the year. In Puerto Escondido, the energy of the town is alive as locals, dressed in zombie bride costumes and kitschy skeletal face paint, rejoice in the celebration of those they continue to remember.

Photo caption: In Puerto Escondido, the energy of the town is alive as locals, dressed in zombie bride costumes and kitschy skeletal face paint, rejoice in the celebration of those they continue to remember.

In Puerto Escondido, Dia de los Muertos is just the start of the party. The Fiestas de Noviembre (Festivals of November) is a major celebration in Puerto Escondido. The festival consists of a number of events that take place over the course of the whole month. These events include an international surf tournament at Playa Zicatela, dance festival, international sport fishing tournament, national motocross race, musical concerts from international artists and much more.

Puerto Escondido is known for more than just its exciting November festivals though; it is also known for its weather, traditional tropical activities and authentic Mexican experiences. Offering consistently beautiful weather year-round, less than half an inch of rain each winter and low humidity levels, travellers are assured ideal blue sky days and warm evenings. More than 164 years of data shows that the Pacific coastal region around Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca is the lowest hurricane risk area in all of Mexico.

Warm coastal currents provide pleasant water temperatures, even getting as high as 30 C in the winter. This makes it perfect for water activities like swimming, stand-up paddle boarding, scuba-diving and snorkelling. Land lovers will also find biking, hiking, whitewater rafting, ecological tours and horseback riding. Puerto Escondido is also one of the world’s top surfing destinations, with surfers of all levels flocking to the area. The location is home to beginner, intermediate and expert surfing beaches with many qualified instructors.

Uncongested like many other tourist destinations in Mexico, the region is developing slowly. You can still get genuine local experiences in Puerto Escondido, such as real Oaxacan cuisine and entertainment at inexpensive prices, as well as direct interaction with indigenous cultures.

Vivo is the only development on a 12 mile stretch of beach, so it provides a quiet getaway, but being just 9 miles from Puerto Escondido means city amenities are easily accessible. A shuttle service is available so guests can avoid the hassle of car rentals.


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