Canadian-owned Vivo Resorts, my home for the week, is the first multi-building waterfront resort to spring up along Palmarito Beach, 20 kilometres of otherwise undeveloped seaside terrain about 20 minutes from Puerto Escondido.

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Angela Murphy Media Coverage, Vivo in the news

I’ve barely woken from my afternoon nap when I’m summoned into reality by what sounds like a conch shell blowing. In any other situation, I might pass it o as a lingering figment of a dream, but I’ve been told in advance what this sound signifies: it’s time to release the turtles.

I head down to the beach, still a bit foggy, to find a man unloading a wriggling sack from the back of an ATV amid a small group of excited tourists. Before I know it, I’m handed a minuscule baby sea turtle tucked in a half coconut shell (we’re given explicit instructions not to touch them), and I race to give it a soft landing on the sand before it instinctively catapults its tiny body out of its container and toward the sea.

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Those interested in a learning more about Vivo resorts can do so by visiting Anyone wishing to purchase at Vivo Resorts can call 1 844 777-VIVO (8486).

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