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Canada Diagnostic Centres again leads the way in outpatient MRI technology

Calgary, AB – The latest technology in MRI scanning has come to Alberta – bringing improved accuracy and a more comfortable experience for patients. Canada Diagnostic Centres (CDC) now offers Calgary’s most advanced community-based MRI: the GE 3.0 SIGNA PIONEER, available at its Chinook location.

This wide-bore 3T MRI from General Electric (GE) – the first installed outside of a hospital or university in Alberta – provides an exceptional level of detail, improved image quality and enhanced patient experience. This technology is so leading edge there are only 27 machines of this type worldwide and this is only the second one active in Canada.

The magnetic field strength of the 3 Tesla MRI unit is significantly greater than the standard 1.5 Tesla MRI units offered in the community, which enables the production of higher resolution images in a shorter scan time. The increased image clarity is especially helpful for analyzing pathological conditions involving the brain, spine and musculoskeletal system.

“MRI is a very specialized imaging technique,” says CDC MRI radiologist Dr. Graham Campbell. “Our new MRI allows better, faster and more comfortable scanning of patients, and will therefore result in an improvement in diagnostic care.”

While an MRI can be an unsettling experience for many patients, this sophisticated new technology has built-in features that help alleviate anxiety while improving accuracy including:

More spacious: The 70cm-wide opening for patients to pass through while on the table matches the largest MRI size on the market and helps to minimize anxiety and claustrophobia while providing increased comfort.

Faster scans: CDC’s new MRI is up to 50 per cent faster, allowing for reduced time in the machine without compromising accuracy.

Quieter scan: Standard MRI is extremely loud and potentially unsettling, but CDC’s new MRI employs new technology to significantly lessen the amount of background noise providing a quieter and more pleasant exam.

Enhanced technology: The new technology will enable questions to be answered with more certainty than before, potentially avoiding procedures that were more invasive and reducing the need for follow-up scans.

candiagcen-1_webPhoto caption: The GE 3.0 SIGNA PIONEER

Photo credit: Rob Ryan

CDC has a reputation that is highly respected in Alberta and it has forged strong relationships with associations that turn to the clinic for all their MRI needs. One of those is the Alberta Ballet, which has used CDC for eight years.

“Our partnership with CDC helps our dancers dance longer and with less pain,” says Jean Grand-Maitre, artistic director of the Alberta Ballet. “We have nothing but gratitude for the people at Canada Diagnostic Centres. They keep our dancers on their toes all throughout the season.”

Trends in health, such as an aging population, an increase in high-intensity athletics, more research being done in MRI diagnostics and an increase in physicians ordering MRIs for their patients have led for a greater need for faster, more detailed scans, which this technology can provide.


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