Vivo Resorts sits alone on a tranquil beach with amazing views of the mountains and ocean.

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This cold, cold winter has me thinking about a wonderful trip I took to Mexico in the fall.

Not your Tijuana, Cancun, Cabo tequila partying vacation — well there was a little of that — but there was a lot more true Mexican authenticity. Fantastic southern Mexican food, ecotours, dancing in the streets with the locals for Dia de Muertos, surfing the waves on gorgeous beaches, historical sites and the warm welcome of the Mexican people.

Puerto Escondido is a charming port town on Mexico’s Pacific coast in the state of Oaxaca. From surfing the famous Mexican Pipeline, and boogie boarding on the ocean, to deep sea fishing or exploring the vast species of birds and animals on the lagoon, to horseback trail rides up to waterfalls, natural wonders are all around.

You can spend your day shopping in the bustling local market where you can see Mexican mole made fresh daily as well as daytrips to coffee and Mezcal plantations there is so much to see and do.

Puerto Escondido is a delight if like me you enjoy a destination untouched by large scale development, it’s pristine and unspoiled!

Located on the stunning white sands of Playa Palmarito Beach just a 20-minute drive from Puerto Escondido’s town centre — just far enough away to give you the idyllic serenity of paradise, is Vivo Resorts.

Founded by two-time Canadian Olympian downhill skier Cary Mullen, Vivo Resorts is an ocean-front development and exclusive gated community with luxury condos and private villas.

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