Case Study: Element Intergenerational Residences uses PR to educate and improve sales

Multiple Projects with Consistently Successful Communications Agency


Contracted in August of 2015, dHz Media has the good fortune to promote Element Lifestyle Retirement’s intergenerational seniors communities in Vancouver, Langley, and Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

dHz Media created an effective public relations program for Element. This strategic communications plan promotes Element Lifestyle Retirement communities to the primary audience, not just locally, but regionally and nationally. This increased profile supports Element at each milestone and generate excitement. The media strategy created merges seamlessly with the overall marketing strategy held by Element Lifestyle Retirement.

Element’s President and Founder, Don Ho, pioneered the aging-in-place retirement living concept. Unique to Vancouver, Element’s Opal project showcases its intergenerational approach to create a community residence that overcomes the stigma of “old folks’ homes” by encouraging families to interact on a regular basis. Element is changing the perception and experience of retirement and aging and its revolutionary concept won an international award over 950 projects assessed worldwide.

See the media coverage Element’s public relations strategy produced – here

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“Senior living can encompass a range of lifestyle options. Our focus is on cultivating an environment that facilitates a high quality of life and I believe we are equipped to do this better than anyone else in Canada.”
– Don Ho, founder and president of Element Lifestyle Retirement Inc.