Inglewood’s eclectic essence shines as interiors change with time of day

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AVLI on Atlantic uses innovative design from Inglewood designer Jerilyn Wright & Associates

Calgary, AB Jerilyn Wright & Associates (JWA), one of Western Canada’s top, award winning Interior Design firms has just revealed her innovative interior design for AVLI on Atlantic. Every color scheme has been chosen with the understanding that the time of day will change the look of the room. As day turns to night the view changes and the space changes with it.

“A combination of Inglewood’s eclectic essence and the view from the gorgeous glass walls, which is art itself, were my biggest influences for AVLI’s interiors.” says Jerilyn Wright, president of Jerilyn Wright and Associates.

Reflectivity played a major role in AVLI’s design. The views of Inglewood and the natural light of the space are the interior focal points. This light stylized approach creates a space where nothing feels cluttered.

The interiors have been designed so that almost nothing touches the ground. Cabinets, entrainment units, storage, etc. are anchored to the wall rather than the floor to give them the appearance of floating. This lifted effective gives the impression of an open larger space.

Inglewood has also evolved into a new art district of sorts as a number of galleries and design studios now call Inglewood home. This emergence of art in the area has played a large part in Wright’s vision for AVLI on Atlantic. Wright knows Inglewood as her firm has been based in Inglewood for almost 7 years and has watched the neighbourhood transform as great places to eat, shop and visit have appeared.

“AVLI is articulated and not the standard, it is a penetrating glass box,” says Wright. “When complete and move-in ready AVLI will be a work of art inside and out.”

Every room is designed to be light, fresh, functional and customizable. AVLI has an almost hand crafted feel, nothing is cookie cutter. Homeowners can customize their space to truly personalize it to their individual style and artistic expression. AVLI offers the finest in custom created cabinetry, stylish gourmet kitchens and spa-like bathrooms. All residences feature a combination of high-gloss porcelain finishes, warm wood grain accents, chrome hardware, soft-close drawers, integrated refrigerators, and a variety of customizable storage options.

Common spaces have a boutique hotel style giving them a comfortable contemporary feel. For residents enjoyment AVLI includes a number of outdoor amenities such as a terrace with BBQ’s and lounge areas but also a number of indoor amenities including an owner’s amenity lounge for social functions, a library and a beautifully designed guest suite for owners to use when they have family or friends visiting.

Photo caption: Reflectivity played a major role in AVLI’s design. The views of Inglewood and the natural light of the space are the interior focal points.
Photo credit: AVLI on Atlantic

Jerilyn Wright & Associates has won numerous awards provincially and nationally over the last 33 years. Most recently JWA was awarded 2015 AWMAC Product Design + Quality Award and the 2013 Interior Designers of Alberta Award. The firm has completed more than 13 million sq. ft. of redesigned space and projects from 1000 ft² to over 730,000 ft².

Located on 9th Avenue (Atlantic Avenue) only 23 new condos are still available for the 64 unit building, which is to be Inglewood’s only luxury concrete condo building. In 2014, Inglewood was named Canada’s greatest neighbourhood by the Canadian Institute of Planners.

“Jerilyn is a great designer. She and her team really understand Inglewood and today’s buyer,” says Brian Kernick, president of Greenview Developments. “Jerilyn’s award winning creativity has made AVLI interiors more than we could have hoped for.”

AVLI is currently over 70 per cent sold out. Homes range in price from $350,000 to $1.5 Million. The majority of AVLI‘s floor plans are unique for each home and range in size from 545 sq.ft. to 2,200 sq.ft. The building will also include five retail units valuing $5 million on the ground floor ranging in size from 1,044 sq.ft. to 5,230 sq.ft.

AVLI will be an iconic building admired for its gorgeous glass structure and it’s fresh contemporary interiors. Anyone wishing to know more about AVLI on Atlantic can register at


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About AVLI on Atlantic

AVLI on Atlantic is a seven-story, 64 unit luxury concrete condo building located on 9th Avenue (Atlantic Avenue) in Inglewood. Inglewood is one of Calgary’s inner city neighbourhoods and was named Canada’s greatest neighbourhood in 2014 by the Canadian Institute of Planners. The stylish new building includes $5 million in retail space on the ground floor.