It has the look of a modern piece of sculpture and will contrast nicely with the contemporary warehouse look of the Atlantic Avenue Art Block across the street with its wave roof.

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AVLI on Atlantic by Greenwood Developments was designed by one of Calgary’s most respected architects — Jeremy Sturgess. He was part of the design team for the Bow Tower, Water Centre in Manchester, and the redesign of downtown’s 7th Avenue Transit Corridor. He is known for his contemporary design that goes to the edge but never falls into the school of “wacky architecture.” Sturgess has been creating interesting condos since the early ‘90s — his Connaught Gardens, completed in 1991 listed on the Alberta Association of Architects’ Chronicle of Significant Alberta Architecture.

For AVLI on Atlantic, Sturgess and his team seems to have been inspired by the renowned 20th century prairie architect Frank Lloyd Wright whose signature was flat roof homes with strong horizontal lines (inspired by the horizon line that dominates the prairie landscape), large windows and commitment to craftsmanship.

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Those interested in a learning more about or registering for AVLI on Atlantic can do so by visiting or calling 587-317-7836.

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