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On-the-street Marketing Helps BigSteelBox Expand Across Canada

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Steel containers used for mountain bike jumps on barges and obstacle courses

March 4, 2013, Kelowna, B.C.  BigSteelBox’s unconventional marketing tactics have helped make it Canada’s fastest growing moving and storage company. Despite unfavourable economic conditions in recent years, BigSteelBox has defied the trend and expanded operations across Canada, adding five new stores in less than two years.
This growth can be attributed to an innovative moving and storage service, which provides an alternative to the stressful one-day move and their creative use of shipping containers at community events across the country. The company is now expanding into Ontario and is betting its pioneering service and on-the-street marketing approach will drive further success in Canada’s largest market.
BigSteelBox has sponsored events such as Victoria’s JumpShip FreeRide Competition or Kelowna’s Center of Gravity, where they become an integral part of the event. Twenty BigSteelBox containers were used to build the JumpShip mountain bike course, and at Center of Gravity the shipping containers were the building blocks for the Dirt and Water Zones.
“We pride ourselves on being innovative, both in the products we produce and how we market them,” states Bob Anderson, marketing director for BigSteelBox. “By participating in events such as Kelowna’s Center of Gravity music festival or Rider Pride in Regina, we are able to demonstrate the multi-functionality of our containers in a fun and different way, while also contributing to the local communities that foster our continued growth.”
By taking their boxes to the street, BigSteelBox now has the most locations of any container or mobile storage company in British Columbia and Alberta. From radio broadcast station remotes to Christmas toy drives, BigSteelBox containers have been used in a variety of local events.
Beginning as a family-run company, BigSteelBox currently has 17 full service locations across BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and in Bellingham, Washington. Their success reflects a larger trend of a new entrepreneurial economy, in which growth is driven primarily by emerging, smaller organizations. BigSteelBox’s use of on-the-street marketing in a physically and visually unique way has yielded major economic growth in a short amount of time, and has allowed them to enter the $4 billion moving and storage industry big leagues with their expansion into Ontario.