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Holidaying by the ocean is the key to a healthier lifestyle for Canadians

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Over twenty-three per cent of Canadians are currently experiencing high-levels of day to day stress and are in need of a break-away by the sea. PUERTO ESCONDIDO, OAXACA, MEXICO and CALGARY, AB - It may seem obvious, but spending time by the ocean is the key to a happier and healthier lifestyle*. However not all Canadian’s have easy access to ...

Most advanced MRI machine now open for appointments

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Canada Diagnostic Centres again leads the way in outpatient MRI technology Calgary, AB – The latest technology in MRI scanning has come to Alberta – bringing improved accuracy and a more comfortable experience for patients. Canada Diagnostic Centres (CDC) now offers Calgary’s most advanced community-based MRI: the GE 3.0 SIGNA PIONEER, available at its Chinook location. This wide-bore 3T MRI ...