Parkside living drives property value and wellbeing

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As Park Point homeowners prepare to move in this summer, new research provides insight into the health, wellbeing and financial benefits of park side living.

CALGARY A.B: In a neighbourhood with over 22,000 residents, the Beltline is Calgary’s most populous and in-demand neighbourhood. While park space and natural environments may be rare in urban centres, they are crucial contributors to mental health, wellbeing and overall financial investment of the local community.

This summer, Park Point by Qualex-Landmark™, will welcome its first homeowners to take possession of their suites. These new residents will have the opportunity to enjoy Calgary’s oldest and most revered park located just across the street: Central Memorial Park and Memorial Park Library which are both recently designated as national historic sites. Proximity to park space is just one of many of Qualex-Landmark™’s examples of innovative planning and commitment to future residents and their lifestyles. A recent study by the University of New Brunswick suggests living near a park can yield an abundance of positive benefits for personal health, wellbeing and lifestyle.

The study showed that thirty per cent of Canadians stated living by or having access to parkland improved their mental health*. In addition, frequent visits to parks and gardens can have a drastic and long-lasting positive impact on mental health. Over twenty-one per cent of Calgarians consider themselves to be ‘quite a bit/extremely stressed’ in their day to day lives***.

With downtown condominium living on the rise, developers such as Qualex-Landmark™ continue to design spaces with wellbeing and modern living in mind. Their most recent Park Point project features a multitude of resident amenities such as a Zen terrace, fire pit, indoor/outdoor lounges, fitness centre and indoor/open-air yoga/Pilates studios designed to provide residents with an array of options for wellness practice. This unique community will offer residents a truly unique experience when it comes to a work, live and play environment.

Local parks also create an opportunity to help foster and strengthen community connections through public events such as the upcoming ‘Movie in the Park’ night hosted by Qualex-Landmark™ on June 29th.

Park Point Beltline Parkside living drives wellbeing
Photo caption: Park Point 34-storey condo tower and Central Memorial Park.
Photo credit: supplied by Qualex-Landmark, see media contact for high res.

Ultimately, condominium developments located within close proximity to local parks and green space will likely increase resale and investment values up to twenty per cent for homeowners**.

Integrating the aspect of wellness into planning and development is not a recent concept for Qualex-Landmark™. Their previous residential communities have all been strategically located near or adjacent to a variety of urban greenspace:

  • Calla is located across the street from the historic Lougheed House and the gorgeous Beaulieu Gardens.
  • Mark on 10th is a short walk to Barb Scott Park.
  • Stella, Luna and Nova are all located across from Connaught School and a short walk to Millennium Park.

“We have a passion at Qualex-Landmark to build homes for people that add value to their daily lives and wellbeing,” says Parham Mahboubi, VP Planning and Marketing with Qualex-Landmark™. “Our commitment to finding locations that connect residents to park or green space is one of many ways we focus on achieving this”.

Just 10-15 steps away (less than 1-minute walk) from Central Memorial Park, Park Point residents have access to the beautiful Victorian-styled landscaping and paths for jogging or walking, outdoor yoga, tai chi or just relaxing in the city away from the hustle and bustle. Park Point is also one block from Haultain Park and playground and a few blocks from Lougheed House and Beaulieu Gardens. Should the winter months prove too cold, the indoor Devonian Gardens are just a few blocks North and the Beltline Aquatic & Fitness Centre just half a block to the east.

Park Point will be completed this Summer and will host an opening ceremony and media tour.



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*** Statistics Canada, ‘Perceived Life Stress’ report, published 2014

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